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Seal For Life Roller

Northern Chain Specialties has the solution to conveyor chain roller wear, contamination, and lubrication problems: maintenance free sealed ball bearing wheel kits with a life cycle of 5 plus years.

These seal for life rollers have a friction rating of less than 3 percent and are easily interchangeable with a wide verity of chains such as v-top, flattop, apron chain and can be custom designed to fit your chain. The low friction rate improves the life of the chain and the existing drives.

The sealed for life roller replace the standard needle bearings which create sidebar wear due to forced roller contact as the wheels rotate. Metal shavings from wear produce friction which may stop the wheels from turning. This, in turn, creates friction on the rail and increases load for the drive motor. The design of these rollers eliminates any premature sidebar wear due to the roller rubbing on its surface. 

Advantages of the Northern Chain Specialties Seal-For-Life rollers are:  No maintenance conveyor chain wheels, Minimize the conveyor maintenance, Extend the overall life of the chain and the drive system. These Sealed for Life wheel kits are easily installed with one roller assembly and cotter pin making replacement on your conveyor easy with less parts to install.

To sum up: the Seal for Life roller will save you time and money in the long run replacing your existing wheel design with our maintenance free conveyor wheels. Spend your time conveying your product not servicing your wheels and conveyor.

Roller Description: The sealed for life roller is subject to impact load as it strikes the sprocket teeth during the chain engagement with the sprocket. After engagement, the roller changes its point of contact and balance. It is held between the sprocket teeth and bushing, and moves on the tooth face while receiving a compression load. Furthermore, the roller's inner surface constitutes a bearing part together with the bushing's outer surface when the roller rotates on the rail. Therefore, it must be resistant to wear and still have strength against shock, fatigue, and compression.