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Flat Top Conveyor Chain

Flat top Chain with outboard carrying rollers move heavy loads with dependability. Top plate surfaces may be smooth, checkered, nonskid, or channel slatted. Chain pitch ranges from 4" to 24" (Or Custom).  Flat Top Chains are designed to convey paper rolls, automobiles, billets, large structural shapes, and more to and from process operations.

The flat top plate design offers large areas to evenly distribute product load. This minimizes the effect of transfer impacts that can cause product damage. In addition, the top plate protects the chain joint from unwanted exposure to heat or abrasive particles. Because of the heavy load, bearing rollers are used to provide the lowest chain tension and trouble-free operation (Available with cast, steel or UHMW). 

Northern Chain Specialties flat top chain has been proven not only in assembly plants but in foundries, steel mills, paper mills, and other harsh environments. In addition flat top chain can be made from a variety of materials and heat-treated to stand up to extreme conditions. Flat Top chain is available in single strand chain or double strand chain.