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Apron Conveyor Chain

Northern Chain Specialties offers a full line of apron chains and pans ranging from 4 to 12 inch pitch with pan thickness from 3/16 to 1/2 inch. Apron chain comes in varying widths from 12 to 118 inches with multiple styles available to meet your application.  THE STANDARD APRON CONVEYOR is offered in three styles; single beaded STYLE B and double beaded STYLE A1 or STYLE AD.  Most apron chains have pans mounted on steel bushed roller chain with extended side bars to form the ends of the pans.  THE LEAK-PROOF APRON CONVEYOR is offered in the STYLE A double beaded pan and the STYLE C deep pan.  Both have pans mounted on two strands of steel bushed roller chain with single flanged outboard rollers for ease of maintenance.  Pans are tapered with end plates independent of the chain Outboard rollers can be supplied with either plain bearings or sealed for life rollers.

Northern Chain Custom Apron Conveyor Chain is by no means limited to the standard conveyor.  With over 40 years experience in the bulk material handling industry, we have the engineering and manufacturing capabilities to fill your particular requirements.  This may be as simple as replacing your existing conveyor or modifying one of our standard conveyors.  It could include furnishing a complete conveyor or feeder with frame and accessories.

We can also design and manufacture your chain and pans from the "ground up" to suit your unique application. Your conveyor will be manufactured at our Kaleva, Michigan, plant which includes robotic welding, structural shop, machine shop, and punch press facilities.  This insures complete system responsibility and a quality product.